To record vendor bill payments, read here (link).

When recording a payment for vendor bills, within the Payment Editor window,

  1. Check the "Deduct withholding tax" to display withholding tax fields.
  2. Select a withholding tax type.
  3. An automatic withholding tax amount will be display in the adjacent Amount field.


Although you can adjust your own withholding tax amount, it is not recommended as the system already configures an accurate value for you.

Incorrect tax amounts might cause issues when auditing and tax reporting.

If you cannot find a applicable withholding tax type, you can manage the tax list (link).

After recorded, the withheld tax amounts will be displayed in the payment table for your reference.

If your country requires you to issue withholding tax certificates, a certificate button will also be displayed to allow you preview, download, or print certificate forms.