A general ledger is a company's main accounting records. It lists information about all company accounts(if have value). After categorizing accounts on the list into assets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenues, and expenses, we can generate financial statements. 

Visit general ledger in Reports > General Ledger . 

Select start date and end date, Click “Run Report”. The default time period would be the first day of this year to today. 

General ledger takes all company accounts and their entries during the specific period, summarize their debit and credit changes, and present the summary. 
You can export general ledger into .xls or .csv. 
To check further details, click target account. Here we click “Accounts receivable” as an example. 

Now we are navigated to Account Ledger, where details of all transactions related are listed. The total balance is "1230.50", implies our customers still owe us 1230.50 baht. 

You can select whatever account you want to check and time period in the header, or go back to General Ledger with the left-arrow button.