Why split a transaction?

After uploading an account statement, there might be single transactions that actually consist of multiple payments. In such case, you will find it useful to split these transactions into multiple sub-transactions for more detailed bookkeeping.

You can find "Split" in the action menu bar.


  1. Select "Split" and a window will pop up to help you make detailed inputs to finish the process.
  2. Specify transaction account, description, and amount for each transaction. Click "+ Line Item" if you need more.
  3. Click "Split" to finalize and record all sub-transactions.


You cannot change the payment account because all these sub-transactions are deemed to made under the payment account from the original transaction. 


The total amount must equal that of the original. Balance them until "Available" becomes 0. 


After the window closes, you can find the original transaction has been split into 4 sub-transactions.