Usually, normal businesses will keep their company expense receipts in a shoebox for bookkeeping and auditing purposes.

With Pymlo, you can save all the hassle by uploading the receipts for better storage and instant bookkeeping.

Go to Expenses > Expenses. Click “New” to create a new expense.

Drag the receipt file onto the upload field, or click the "Upload" button to select the file.


Only JPG, PNG, or PDF files are allowed.

Enter receipt number and transaction date.

Then select the vendor. You can create a new one with "Add" button or edit the selected entry with "Edit."

Specify Expense Account. This is how your business categorizes this expense transaction.

Specify Payment Account, such as cash or savings account.

Click on "Show additional fields" to toggle display of the additional fields, in which you can,

  • Select tax if this expense can be used to apply for tax refunds.
  • Select currency if you buy products with foreign currencies. Also specify exchange rate here. 

Then click on the "Save" button to store this expense in the book!

As you being re-directed to the expense list screen, you can observe this expense is on the list now.

You can proceed to create more new expenses or find other previous expenses in certain time period and/or with certain receipt number or vendor.