After clearing bill payments, it is a good practice to record them in the system as soon as possible.

Go to Expense > Vendo Bills . Find the specific vendor bill and select "Add a payment" in its "Action" menu.


A payment edit window will pop up as follows. Enter the payment information to keep it in the book.


  1. Select the payment account and payment method you make the payment with. 
  2. Specify the actual paid amount. 
  3. You can update the actual currency rate at the time when payment occurs. This may result in gain or loss due to exchange differences. 
  4. Click "Save" to finish payment. 

The bill status will be updated as "Paid" or "Paid partially" is the bill hasn't been paid in full.

Update previous payments 

  1. Find the bill in Expense > Vendor Bills . Open its "Action" menu and select "View". 
  2. Select "Payments" tab sheet. Open the "Action" menu and select "Edit" to edit.