Jessica: I need to buy 100kg of squid this weekend, and now I need some way to place my order and negotiate the price with several vendors. How can I do it? 

Before buying something from your vendor, you need to issue a purchase order to list all details and acceptable price to negotiate with your vendor.

This is also a good practice for both sides to keep good track of unfulfilled orders and make business management organized.

Go to Expenses > Purchase Order , click on the "New" button.


Fill the header

  1. An automatic PO number will be assigned. You can revise it if you need to, but it must be a unique number. 
  2. Set "Date" of this purchase order. 
  3. Check "Currency". Your booking currency would be set as its default value, but you can change whatever you need. 
  4. Select a vendor. You can click "Add" to create a new vendor or "Edit" to update vendor information. 


Fill the items

  1. Select product to buy.You can click "Add" to create a new product. 
  2. Specify quantity/price of the products. Here Jessica wants 100kg of squid, 100 baht per kg, with VAT. 
  3. Click "+  Line Item" to add more items to this quotation. To remove an item, click the "x" icon. 


Fill the additional information 

  1. Fill the memo if you have additional notices to your vendor 
  2. The system will calculate the total amount for you automatically. Click "Save and send" to send it out to your vendor or "Save as draft" to keep it as a draft.