Jessica: My restaurant got hundreds of customers every day, and everyone pays by cash immediately.

To issue a sales receipt and record direct revenues, go to Income > Receipts and click on "New" button.

Fill the header

  1. An automatic receipt number will be assigned. You can revise it if you need to, but it must be a unique number.
  2. Specify "Date" on which the transaction is completed.
  3. Check "Currency" and "Currency Rate". You can specify whatever currency you need, and
    Pymlo would use the latest exchange rate as default. You can specify your actual rate.
  4. Specify reference document number (Ref #) if this receipt is related to orders, deliveries, invoices, etc.
  5. Select the account and method with you receive the customer payment.
  6. Check "Deduct withholding tax" if applicable. On more about withholding tax fields, read here (link). 
  7. Select a customer if applicable. You can click "Add" to create a new customer, or "Edit" to update customer information.

You might have thousands of customers and cannot afford to make detailed receipts one-by-one. You could choose to leave the customer field blank, but we recommend creating a general "walk-in customer" for better tracking.

Fill the items

  1. Select product to sell.You can click "Add" to create a new product.
  2. Specify quantity/price of products.
  3. Click "+  Line Item" to add more items in this quotation. To remove an item, click the "x" icon.

Fill the additional information

  1. Set discount percent if applicable
  2. Fill the memo if you have additional notices to your customer.
  3. Pymlohas calculated total amount for you automatically. Click "Save" to save this receipt.

The new receipt will be automatically marked as paid after created.