Go to Income > Invoices . Find the invoice, click " Add a payment " in its "Action" menu. 


A payment editor window will be displayed as following,

  1. Select how the customer pays. Assume it's paid by cash. 
  2. Specify the paid amount.
  3. You can update the actual currency rate when you receive the payment.
  4. Click "Save" to finish payment. Your invoice status has been updated as "Paid"! 


If your customer is not able to pay fully, the status would be updated as "Paid partially" instead. 

For invoices in foreign currencies:

An additional Currency Rate field will be displayed in which you are able to adjust the rate based on the actual amount you receive in the local currency.

Let's imagine this case:

The company's bookkeeping is THB, and an invoice is issued to a foreign customer with a due amount at 100.0 USD at a 32.00 conversion rate; a month later, the customer makes the full payment but the actual amount transferred to your bank account is 3,100.0 THB, the payment needs to be entered as,

Payment amount: 100.0 (USD)

Currency rate: 31.00

The gain or loss resulting from the rate changes will be automatically calculated and recorded in your book.

To update the existing payments, simply find the invoice, click its "Action" - > "View".

  1. Select "Payments" tab sheet. 
  2. Find target payment on the table. You can "Edit" or "Delete" in action menu.