After creating a draft invoice in Invoice Editor, proceed to select "Save & Send" from its action menu; or alternatively, go to Income > Invoices, find the intended draft invoice in the list, and select "Send" (or "Send again" if this invoice is in the Sent state or further) from its action menu.

As the invoice send window pops up, you can choose the following action,

  • Enter customer's email and click "Send". 
  • Download the PDF form. 
  • Skip this step and mark this invoice as sent.
  • Keep this invoice as draft for the future.

Now that your invoice is sent, you will be re-directed back to the invoice list screen, where you can see the new record is included, marked as "Sent". 


A draft invoice will be confirmed and marked as sent after this step, and related ledger entries will be generated automatically.

To prevent possible data conflicts, you cannot remove the invoice after this point but can choose to void it to obsolete unwanted entries.