Before ordering something from you, customers might ask you to quote the prices for their assessment. A quotation (or sales quote) provides all details and total amount for buyers to make decisions. After a deal is won, you can directly transfer a quotation into an invoice and send to the customer. 

Go to Income > Quotes and click "New," and you will navigate to Quote Editor that looks like the following,


Fill the header

  1. Customize Quote number if you need. It must be unique. 

  2. Set "Date" and "Expiry Date" of this quotation. 

  3. Check "Currency". Your default currency would be here, but you can change whatever you need. 

  4. Select customer. You can click "Add" to create a new customer or "Edit" to update customer information. 

Fill the items 

  1. Select product to sell.You can click "Add" to create a new product. 

  2. Specify quantity/price of products. Here Luke wants 20 Pad Thai. 

  3. Click "+  Line Item" to add more items in this quotation. To remove an item, click the "x" icon. 


Fill the additional information

  1. Set discount percent if applicable. 

  2. Fill the memo if you have additional notices to your customer. 

  3. Press Save to save and send or just as draft. Pymlo has calculated the total amount for you automatically.